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tv   Fox News Reporting  FOX News  May 20, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> we have seen an up tick in voter broad the last couple years. >> i did not. talking about jim crow. >> what's at stake for america? >> you think there was voter broad in the 2008? >> i don't think there was voter broad. i know there was voter broad.
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-- voter fraud. >> the fix is in. it is oddly ironic we have an election and they are stopping everything. >> fox news report stealing your vote. reporting from new york city here is eric. >> news to tell a joke. after i die bury me in louisiana so i can stay active in politics. a clever line and at times you have to chuckle about the length some politicians will go to win an election. when that happens it may be you who is being robbed. your vote canceled out. fox news is traveling across the country to investigate the charges of voter fraud and ask the question how easy is it even in this day and age to steal your vote? >> connecticut. >> i was a little surprised because they said this was not possible. >> what was possible is her deceased mother voted in 2007. but apparently she did.
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the town clerk agenci's record her voting more than 7 years after she died. >> it was an impossible situation. >> what most americans would think of as potential voter fraud a living person voting in the name of the dead. election officials blamed clerical errors. across the country other forms of fraud left stolen votes and prosecutions. think what happened in oakland county michigan two years ago. the head of the local democratic party michael mcginnis and roommate jason bauer tried to get several tea party candidates on the ballot. problem was some candidates had no idea their names were being used. bauer notified fake fileings for them. >> the fake tea party was designed from the beginning to be deceptive to confuse voters to siphon votes from legitimate candidates. >> political shenanigans.
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>> bauer received probation without fines and similar for mcginnis. >> have you tried to steal one? >> prosecutors say politicians stole an election by faking absentee ballots. four political operatives pled guilty to the ladies and gentlemened scheme the idea to get democratic candidates on the ballot of the working family's party line in the 2009 primary. the more ballot lines a candidate has to run on the more votes the candidate will get. it is charged they did this by filling out and submitting fraudulent absentee ballots like this one for voter jessica boom haute. did you vote? >> no. >> they have your vote at the board of elections. >> her absentee application falsely claims she was attending a work conference in boston. brian says his vote was stolen, too. >> did you fill out an absentee ballot, too? >> no. >> he was home recovering from a
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medical procedure. >> your vote was a fraud? >> it was. >> two officials face the trial. democratic leblgss commissioner edward mcdone gnaw and michael mcporta. >> you did nothing wrong? >> absolutely not. >> as far as i know i know as much as you do. >> march 13th a mistrial was declared but they will be retried. former city council president and two others face charges. >> nobody tried to steal an election. even though the voters told us they didn't hand these absentee ballots in they didn't vote they said it was phony and they were not real. >> i did nothing wrong. >> one political operative admitted the faking of absentee ballots is normal tactic. not just in new york. this law enforcement report calls absentee ballots the tool of vose fchoice for those incli use voter fraud.
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they through out the results of the 97 mayoral election in miami which was nonpartisan it it was determined 5,000 absentee ballots had been cast. >> we are going to have a nice orderly hearing. >> an appeals court after saurez won. academic krresearches the bren noncenter for justice say voter fraud is rare and an issue that is over blown. you may get a different take from those who run for office. >> how easy is it to steal an election? >> if you have one nefarious enough to do it it's easy thing to do. >> archer davis told us while campaigning eldest mate the number of clean votes he would need to over come the dirty ones cast against him. he says there are a variety of ways to try to steal an election. >> you can fake absentee ballots, fake the name of dead people and vote in the name of
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the dead. >> you can do that and that certainly happened. >> sounds like it was easy to do if you know how to do it. >> if you are willing to do it it is a fairly easy thing to do. >> case in point brooks county georgia an unusual high number of absentee ballots were submitted in the 2010 primary for the local school board. after they were conted two candidates losing by large amount had a reversal of fortune. they went on to win the general election. about a month later they arerer they were arrested and charged with stuffing the ballot box using absentee ballots. others arrested in the scheme their trial is pending. >> mississippi nwa -- naacp sawyers was charged with casting ballots. her dna was found on the inner seals of five envelopes
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pertainiper containing the ballots. she is serving a 5 year prison term. >> daytona beach florida during the 2010 primary derek henry and genesis robertson obtained absentee ballots for 92 people during their reelection campaign. a large group of absentee ballot requests were sent on-line using an e-mail address. henry's lawyer said he was trying to help african americans who didn't have internet access to vote. instead of being accused of a crime he should be applauded for attempting to help these people vote. in january, 2011 he agreed to a pretrial aventure program admitting his guilt. he agreed to pay $200,000 and gave up the full year term he won. he plead guilty to a similar deal. he never needed those extra votes not lie a long shot. the votes trounced his opponents who received over 200.
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>> county commission probate judge, sheriff, the local level is where the power is concentrated. >> is that where voter fraud is really widespread? >> it is where it has more of an impact. the truth is probably matters more than who the governor of the state is and many of these people. >> make con county>> sheriff bowman was term limited running for another county office circuit clerk in the 2010 primary ielection. he was looking at unseeding rumsfeld. >> we came out we found absentee ballots. in the primary we lost. >> he admitted to falsifying 100 absentees. even voting sambal lots himself. he plead guilty to federal conspiracy charge. election fraud charges touch a race for the highest office in the land.
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>> did you sign this petition for barack obama? >> no. >> st. joseph county indiana. prosecutors charged democratic operatives made petitions to put then candidates barack obama and hillary clinton on the 2008 democratic primary ballot for president. >> i did not sign for barack obama. >> someone forged this? >> that's correct. >> president obama may not have legally qualified for the ballot. long time democratic county chairman who allegedly ordered the scheme and three election party officials have been indicted including dustin blight who worked in the voter registration and is accused of forging the obama petitions. >> did you take any petitions at all? >> i don't have anything to say. >> all four pled not guilty. in february the state's topple election official republican secretary of state charlie white was himself convicted of voter fraud not for trying to steel the election but
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>> remember wisconsin, 2011 republican governor scott walker fought with the unions and won. his opponent started a recall campaign. as soon as the petitions started circulating walker's allies cried fraud. were they also crying wolf? >> november, 2011 wisconsin democrat ache first get 540 wisconsin voters to sign a petition saying they want their reelection force on walker 2012. as soon as they started collecting signatures. >> walker supporters began
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racing charges of possible fraud. >> i image they will get a lot of signatures legal and illegal. >> in december the fraud was raised by governor walker himself. >> we have someone saying they proudly signed 80 ballots. >> they cheated for bush i am going to cheat to get scott wack walker out of here. he later said he was kidding. >> you have signed more than one petition? >> uh-huh. >> that's not illegal unless the signer is intentionally trying to fraud the system. they can have major consequences. >> oo tit would only be the thid recalled governor in history. what if they had phony or dub
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c duplicate signatures that would be stealing the election. >> the legitimacy is whether there was fraudulent relex causes. >> are the signatures legit? >> election officials who had never seen a recall effort on this game no effective mechanism to rule out signatures. accountability for his job to check the names. he says they will not strike you do you me duplicate names or fake ones. >> they will flag them but we will not strike them. >> it will be up to walker and their volunteers they are bogus. >> the democrats deliver boxes
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with more than 900 thousand signatures. almost twice as many needed to trigger the governor's recall. >> we are making history. thank you. we did it. (cheers) >> 60 days to examine the more than 150,000 pages. director kevin kennedy reiterates his office will not be crossing off fraudulent signatures. >> they get raised through the challenge process primarily. that is he e less with the office workers. >> vice chair brian sherman. >> we have seen an up tick in voter fraud in wisconsin in the last several years. >> they have 30-days to try to strike more than 400 thousand signatures. >> that would be committing fraud. >> circulator of the petition has some of the information.
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>> you want to make sure they have voters and -- >> that is a serious concern. can unproven allegations in fraud also undermine the credibility of the elections? new mexico 2011 republican secretary of state launched an investigation into potential voting by noncitizens. he cross-checked 1.6 million voter registration against motor vehicle and data basis. her findings less than shocking. several election cycles only 19 votes even appear to be cast by noncitizens. not exactly the culture of corruption she had alleged. curran had a ha-- duran had a h time explaining that. >> the answer to that question is it's hard for people to just
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say they have voter fraud. >> the walker campus is having a hard time uncovering rampant fraud, too. >> any unreasreasonable person g at this says there will be reelection. >> they don't have time to back off the fraud claims. the the web site saying quote the real fraud here has been scott walker. republicans and democrats redirected challenging signatures to drumming up the votes for the june 5th recall election. the mistrust fell on both sides wouldn't bolster confidence in the final outcome. >> when we return he could not tell a lie. but did george washington buy votes? the u.s.a. after the break. i take insulin,
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>> allegations of election fraud are popping up every week. there's nothing new about the shenanigans in the polls. george washington the man a politician who got voters with boos. washington himself was not above trying to steal an election in the virginia house of purchases. >> he was too busy being a colonel in the army not busy enough getting out the vote. >> he was the center of competitive politics. election historian. >> it is shocking to realize he went out and treated voters that is compensated them withal ale d
6:23 pm
beer for voting. >> he bought a quart and a half of liquor per voter. it was an inkling of what was to come. as our nation gree up so did political machines. by the mid 1800's dominated new york city politics. >> they would pay people to vote. pay other people not to vote. bay gay people who counted the votes. they did it. >> the best known leader was william boss tweed. there was never a fairer or honest election in the city of new york. it wasn't limited to local election it was found at the highest levels. it was perhaps the most hotly contested election ever. it came down to the state of florida. the cries of rampant fraud a small panel decided by one vote to award the presidency to the
6:24 pm
republican who had not won the popular vote. bush verses gore in 2000 no. rutherford v hayes. >> it was done pulling out ballots until you had enough paid ballots intimidating local officials. >> with a number of contested votes they decided the presidency along party lineings they paid the winner. >> you are saying in that race the republicans stole a presidential election. >> rutherford haze is ruther fraud. >> in atlantic city johnson engaged in crank key pank key in kansas city in the 1920s and 30s. was was harry s. truman. >> he was an honest man but he was their candidate. >> a noted journal list and historian.
6:25 pm
>> they canwant to keep him cle keep him there and they will be performing their black arts on the side. >> another national political figure had ties to stolen election ties. it was the fission successful run f-- first succes run for the senate by a tiny margin. the question has always been how many votes were stolen. >> johnson rose to senate majority leader and became john f. kennedy's running mate in 1960. >> another presidential election tainted by questionable voting. it started in the west virginia primary where kennedy was running gent humphrey. >> he was a younger fresher more energetic candidate. but ken bee's father joe kennedy didn't want to count on that, so money was spread around in west
6:26 pm
virginia. i will be dammed if i am going to pay for a land slide. in a general election kennedy defeated richard nixon who they nicknamed tricky dick. >> the word went out that he needed co to kennedy. ballots were manufactured. other ballots disappeared. >> kennedy stole the election? a >> many people say yes. >> some republican leaders thought next ixon should challe the result. he thought it would hurt a an already divided nation. >> i compliment mr. kennedy on a fine race. >> another vice president finished second in a close race but he did not go away so quietly. it was 2000 bush verses gore. looked like a late night narrow victory ended up with him retracting his concession. a month of recounts hundreds of
6:27 pm
lawyers descending on florida voter fraud intimidation and suppression. multiple legal cases but supreme court ruling that ended the election. >> it got the george w. bush presidency off on the wrong foot and it just never recovered from that. nobody ever likes to lose. but if you feel you have been cheated that's much worse. >> the acorn grew into a massive scandal.
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grounds in 2009. doctors said he had terminal cancer and months to live. he was leasreleased. robin gibbs has died. the singer formed the bee gees with brothers barry and maurice in the 1960s. staying alive how deep is your love and night fever. now something very special to show you. a look at a solar eclipse going on right now in the person part of the u.s. this in salt lake city utah. >> voter registration fraud. you know, few groups were more associated with that than acorn. it's voter registration drives.
6:32 pm
>> they made national headlines. countless voter registration with fraudulent names. >> how many times did you sign up? >> like 73 times. >> how many? >> 73 times. >> he signed up by acorn. >> i thought i could help other people. >> it is an application in florida. moneys of thousands of registration -- hundreds of thousands registrations were declined. some 50 people were arrested with acorn voter registration fraud. 30 bled guilty. acorn pled guilty to felony compensation for registration of voters. >> the scandals helped kill the organization. >> voter registration officials hated acorn. they felt the group was
6:33 pm
conducting illegal activities with all of these fake names. >> they never could. >> founder of acorn. he ran the organization for 38 years starting in 1970. claims it got a bad wrap for its registration drives. >> you are talking to me about things after he lei left in 200. every place we were required to turn in everything. eric you gave me your voter registration form and said mickey mouse. i know you don't live in orlando. by obligation we have to turn that in. >> you think air corn was unfairly blamed? >> they were not fairly blamed. >> what do we do with all of the fake voter registration names? >> they only really are a huge problem if somebody tried to vote for the fake forms. >> we don't know somebody did. >> pretty sure they didn't. >> those who complain about voter registration fraud have a different agenda to keep eligible voters away from the
6:34 pm
polls. obama voiced that concern during the 200wi8 campaign. >> what i want to make sure of is this is not used as an excuse for the kind of voter suppression strategies and tactics we have seen in the past. >> when he got to the white house president obama's justice department turned that into a crusade. a crusade against voter id. >> next. voter id laws a push for them and the push back. later... they a they all voted illegally. when we have obama care if they had us. our investigation continues after the break. most life insurance companies
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amway conveys quality. to learn more, contact an amway independent business owner. .... >> eric: the civil war ended slavery. powerful whites still made it hard for blaceo >> made it hard for black people to vote. civil rights movement won't change that. >> let everybody know how excited here to be here. >> on may 18th, 2011 nicky haley put her signature on a bill in a ceremony lating with history and symbolism. she after all was the first woman and governor of south karm li carolina. the new law would require every south carolina loaniian to ing b.
6:39 pm
the law has sparked charges to steal elections in her state. but haley thinks south carolina's real problem today is that votes of law abinding citizens are being cancelled out by illegally cast ballots. >> this protects elderly and people from absentee ballots. we want to make sure we are saying who they say they are. >> without photo i.d.? >> without voter i.d. i don't want dead people voting in the state of south carolina. >> there is evidence that dead people voting is a real problem according to a statewide investigation. in january, it found that 953 ballots were cast by voters who were deceased. the state elections commission director disputes those findings. the report came out after haley signed the voter i.d. law but hasn't stopped the criticism of
6:40 pm
it. >> eric: were you surprised by the reang? >> very surprised. protecting the voting process is most important things we can do. >> eric: and 13 other states like south carolina's including indiana which was ruled constitutional by the u.s. supreme court. she says she was stunned when president obama's attorney general eric holder quickly blocked her from enforcing the law. hold every acted under the voting rights act of 1965 which gives the department of justice extraordinary power in states with history of voter suppression. >> democracy demands that we remove all barriers to voting. >> he declined a request for an interview but he made his views clear elsewhere. to stop texas voter i.d. laws, the justice department claims there is significant evidence that the texas state legislature actually intended to suppress
6:41 pm
minority votes. naacp senior vice president says holder is right. >> jim crow is dead and buried but one more is well and tricky as ever before. >> jim crow was the area of segregation from reconstruction total mid 1960s. in which many southern states prevented blacks from voting using everything from taxes and literacy tests to murders and lynchings. >> 50 years later, america now has a black president. shelton charges that supporters of voter i.d. laws want to turn back the clock. >> the only way is to is suppress votes altogether. that is unamerican. >> and voter i.d. laws aren't the only tactic that he points to. take maryland governor's race in which one faced off a democratic challenger, republicans sent out
6:42 pm
a robo call to more than 100,000 voters predominantly african-americans. >> i wanted everybody know that president obama has been successful. >> prosecutors say the goal it was convinces anyone that answered there was no need to go to the polls which were still open. >> we're okay. everything is fine -- >> it didn't work. the republican lost and his campaign aide was later arrested. they found him guilty of four counts of voter fraud. >> in rye violation of the law was in fact a personal failure. >> i have paid and continue to pay for that failure. >> eric: the new wave of voter i.d. laws is voter suppression of a higher order. they filed a complaint in geneva, a body that includes
6:43 pm
china, calling the laws most vicious and sinister attacks to narrow our participation in democracy. >> we've been going at this for 130 years. its sleight of hand. >> you talk about jim crow. is voter i.d. similar? >> absolutely. even to murder and lynching. it's the same thing. we can argue it's not as violent it's not as bloody. that was in alabama not too long ago. i met a guy that was about 75 years old. it took him four days in alabama to get that free photo i.d. we know people will be turned off and forgo voting at all. >> eric: but arthur davis doesn't buy it? >> i never heard a single voter, by 68% african-american district complain to me about i.d. being something that was on russ or
6:44 pm
burdensome or, did difficult. >> you never heard one that i don't have a an i.d. and i can't vote? >> not a single one. they are by there are intimidated or burdened by attaching just a few responsibilities to their all important right of voting, it's a condescending idea. if the law works with respect to everybody, it's free and clear of whatever history of bigotry or racial animus exists in a state like south carolina. >> we are denying people. tell me who has been denied. i said anybody can't get to the department of motor vehicles, le we will take you there. >> how many without an i.d. called for a lift? >> after three weeks, 23 rides. >> out of five million? >> out of five million people.
6:45 pm
that is all we got. fine, we'll give them a ride. >> eric: do you think the administration has been trying to do it for political purposes? >> it's oddly ironic we have an election coming up and we're trying to get it passed before this election and they are stopping us. >> eric: it's not new to the obama justice department. >> with the doj voting rights section chief when helder first took office. >> i'm here to talk about the final disposition of new black panther party case. >> eric: it was sparked by this, 2008 video. it shows members outside a philadelphia polling place. the one with a billy club called voters white devils and you are about to be ruled by a black man. they charged the new black panther party with voter intimidation. after holder became attorney general, the department of
6:46 pm
justice dismissed the charges against the party and two of its members but did obtain an injunction against the one holding the club. holder vehemently denied race had any role in the decision and there was no evidence of political interference but obama justice department officials took the position that the voting rights laws did not protect whites, only minorities. >> white voters have an interest of being able to go to the polls without having race haters standing at the entrance of a polling place with a billy club in his hand hurling racial slurs at voters. >> he no longer works with the justice department. he is in private practice. the state of south carolina recently to defend the state against his old boss. >> there is nothing i want more to make sure everybody that wants to vote can. >> eric: coming up, did illegal
6:47 pm
votes by felons give democrats what they needed to ultimately make the obama agenda long. an eye-opening investigation after the break.
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6:50 pm
>> eric: many of cases we oo many of the cases we told you about involve races where it doesn't take many votes to steal an election. it's a different story on the state or national legal. as you are about to see illegal votes do decide one of those elections mistakes for all of us are huge. >> in illegal ballots cast by people like convicted felons who lost their voting rights decide an election that changed america. >> your vote helped al franken get in office?
6:51 pm
>> i don't know. i hope it did. >> the story begins the morning after the 2008 election frmgs minnesota republican senator norm coleman thought he beat comedian al franken and won a second term by 725 votes. >> where we are today is me being humbled and grateful for the victory the voters gave us last night. >> that was great news for republicans. obama beat mccain for the white house but a victory over al franken would stop a filibuster proof. >> but a margin of victory triggered an automatic recount. executive director of minnesota majority conservative government watch dog group. >> you think there was voter fraud in the race? >> i don't think there was, i know there was voter fraud. >> in the politically recharged battle unfolded the minnesota majority ran tsz oits own
6:52 pm
investigation. they thought they found a smoking gun. >> convicted felons still on paper ineligible to vote voted in large numbers in the 2008 election. >> how did he reach that conclusion? minnesota majority compared to computer data bases the first listed people who voted in the election the second people charged with felonies. that search brought up hundred of names. the state supreme court already declared frank kin the winner by a margin of 313 votes. a long list of people he suspected voted illegally. they gathered the evidence and who did you go to? >> under minnesota law upon receiving the affidavit alleging vote tore fraud is compelled to investigate and upon finding probab probable cause to prosecute.
6:53 pm
>> what happened next is the most extensive crack downs or voter fraud in recent history. statewide evidence indicates there had been ruffle 425 convicted felons voted illegally. 60 plus cases are pending. mcgrath would be pleased. he is not. >> the number of felons convicted. the number voted when they weren't supposed to is much hire than that. >> how many? >> 1,000 felons voted when they were ineligible to vote. >> if that was right that's triple his 300 vote margin for victory. this much is true the actual number of felons who illegally voted is larger than the number of convictions. you have to intend to vote illegally to be guilty. assistant prosecutor in charge of voter fraud for the washington county post office. he convicted 16 people based in part on mcgrath's list. >> is it impossible for a fella to vote illegally admitted
6:54 pm
confessed to it and because he didn't intend to do that he can gept away with it? >> yes, it is. >> that's why some of our county received hundreds of referrals and prosecuted a small amount of cases. >> that's hundred of votes that should not have been counted. >> if they weren't in the mix what could have happened? >> it could have gone in or favor. >> so al frak ken benefited from the illegal felon votes. >> it looks likely. from the research we have seen it appears it was lyingly to benefit al frak en. >> the race was 312 votes between franken and him. do you think votes illegally could have tipped it? >> i have no way of noting who the felons who voted unlawfully voted for. >> she was the county attorney and convicted some for voting
6:55 pm
illegally. >> i am highly skeptical felons voted for one candidate or another. >> did you vote for franken? >> al franken. >> we talked to 10 of the felons convicted of voting illegally. nine of them said they voted for franken. it wasn't a scientific sample but it found felons overwhelmingly vote democratic. in an election so close other factors could have tilted it one way or another. we wanted the candidates to think about this. senator fraipg ken dekleined it for an interview. th oo it happened in democratic counties. that could have turned the election. it could have turned the election. but in the end it is what it is. i really don't want to spend
6:56 pm
time fretting. >> he is philosophical but he acknowledges a staggering difference a handful of votes could have made for all americans. >> a lot pass if the results of the minnesota election is different. $850 million in the package cast in a partisan vote doesn't cast if it is different. >> he recognizes another consequence of fraud that could shake citizen's faith in the system. >> it happened in the past and i presume it will happen in the future. democracy flur rishs because of citizen's confidence and those representing america. if you undermine that confidence it hurts the democratic process. >> many of the most corrupt dictatorships have elections. they almost always win and almost nobody is moved. in america even when our system doesn't run perfectly the overwhelming majority of voters remain confident their ballots
6:57 pm
do count. election fraud can only undermine the leaders act with consent of the government. only vigilance and perudence ensure that it does. i am eric shaw, that's our show. thanks for watching. from around the world...
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